Thursday, January 13, 2011

My first post!

So I guess I will start this blog off by telling you all a little bit about me and my family. I am a Stay at Home Mom to a beautiful, almost, one year old baby girl and a Army Wife to a handsome Drill Sergent.  Home is currently Fort Benning, Ga.  Though we were planning on getting out of the army in 2012 and move back to WA state where we met and my family lives, we have recently made the decision to stay in the military until my husband retires.Therefore for the next 9 years home is where the army sends!  Though we both miss our family and friends we can't ignore the benefits that a military life provides us.  It is hard at times, but I love being a Army wife and I support my husbands career.  We are very happy in life and excited for all the future holds for our family!

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