Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Times of War, PRAY

A friend of ours was injured in Afghanistan early this morning.  Though I personally did not know him well, Josh did.  When I told him the news I tried to hold back my tears.  It is times like these that this war becomes real, and the sacrifices our men and women in uniform are making made clear.

I can see the pain in my husbands eyes when he hears that yet another one of his brothers in arms has been injured.  Not only can I see his pain, but I can feel it.  As I read updates on his condition I can only imagine the feeling of helplessness his wife must be feeling. My heart truly goes out to her.  She reports that his condition is stable and he is being transported to Germany as we speak.  I thank God that he has survived this, and pray that he is soon returned to his family.

As I pray for him and his family I can't help but to also pray for Josh. I pray that I never find myself on the other end of the phone call, that is ever Army wives worst nightmare.   In the 3 short years Josh and I have been married I have sadly learned that phone call, that dreaded knock on the door by th unknown man in uniform bearing bad news, are all too real for too many loved ones left behind.

So tonight I pray.  I pray for the Simion's and Jeremy's safe return to his family.  I pray for the safety of all our troops. I pray for my husband, and the years he has left serve.  Basically tonight, I pray.

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  1. And I pray that we get Obama out of office and get a president that will let our guys do what they are trained to do. I am sorry for your friends and I hold respect for Josh that he is the professional that he is and he will be okay. Sadly it is a part of the job and somehow is expected. I pray for strength for the both of you.