Friday, February 3, 2012

Terrible Two's!

Well it's true.  My baby is no longer a baby! She has morphed into a toddler overnight!  Though, I'd have to say she isn't a very terrible two.... not yet at least!  We celebrated little Miss Hannah's birthday almost two weeks ago now!  I have been waiting until I got all the pictures from my friends to post about it, but I am having one of those sleepless kinda nights so I decided now is as good as time as any!

My Princess and her AMAZING birthday cake!
Josh and I put a lot of time and effort (and money) into her party, and I would have have to say it paid off!  We had a "Tangled" theme, because it is Hannah's favorite movie, and well quite frankly my princess LOVES princesses! There was a great turn out, and everyone had fun!  We are so blessed to have so many amazing friends and family! We didn't take many pictures ourselves of Hannah's birthday due to being busy with her party (hence whey I am waiting to get pictures from two friends that took them for us) but I will share this one of her and her AMAZING cake! 

My little miss has become quite the chatter box in the last month of so.  The other day I asked her to get off the table she was standing on and she told me "No, I dancing!"  The girl does love to dance!  She always is always demanding I find either her "Princess" or "Dinosaur", most of the time she would prefer both!  Nothing melts my heart more then when she tells me she loves me!

Other then Hannah's big day, things have been kinda quite around our little home.  Josh just returned from spending a couple days in the field, and Hannah and I have been staying busy by visiting family, and shopping for little things to make our new home even cozier! Our spring deployment is still looming in the not so distant future, but until the day we have to say "See ya later", we are trying to squeeze in as much "family" time as possible!  We have a fun weekend planned so look out for more post and of coarse more pictures! 

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