Tuesday, October 23, 2012

2am ramblings........

So I am up at 2am, again.  This has become a new norm for me during this deployment.  Between parenting the princess, keeping up with the house, and attending full time online college, there are just not enough hours in the day.  I knew that Josh helped a lot when he was home, but I guess never realize just how hard it would be to accomplish everything without him.

For example, today I had an assignment due.  I had a week to work on it, but it was 1 of 4 assignments that I had over the week and this one had the latest due date.  I woke up determined to get it done early in the day, but after Hannah had breakfast and we were both ready for the day I stopped by parents to ask a favor of my dad, he wasn't home.  My mom, who has MS and a full time care giver, was having an anxious day so I decided to bring her home with me to spend some time with Hannah.  By the time we all got home it was lunch time.  After lunch was made, served, and cleaned up I spent some time distracted by my mom and Hannah.  Before I knew it, it was time to make dinner.  After everyone ate, I had to clean up yet again.  Then I took my mom back home, and my dad was there so I talked to him about some work I want to get done on our house before Josh gets home.  When we got home  Hannah went to her room to play for a bit, and I started in on my homework.  I got a good start on it, when Hannah asked me to build a castle with her.  She asked so sweetly that I could not refuse, so we built castles.  When we were done she helped me pick up the blocks, and we were on to bath time.  As I was getting her pjs on Josh got online. So I let her watch tv in my room while I chatted with him.  After we got off line, I finished getting Hannah ready for bed, and tried to get her to sleep.  She wouldn't stay in bed, and finally I had to lay in bed with her... She still would not settle down, and it was nearly 11pm when she FINALLY gave it up and went to sleep.  I started in on my assignment again, with an hour until deadline.  After 3hrs of working on it, I am calling it a night.  It still isn't finished, but at this point it is already late.  So late it will have to be.

 My very 1st priority of everyday is to keep this face a smiling one!
In reality I should not have chosen today to spend with my mom, because she needs as much attention as my 2 year old does.  I thought that I could get my work done with her here, but between her and Hannah I stayed very busy!  Now, I really should be in bed since Hannah will be up early (even though she went to bed late), but instead I am sitting here thinking about how the life of a single mom is, and how lucky I am to have a husband like Josh.  This deployment has been hard, but in some ways it has strengthen our marriage.  We are proving that our love can with stand any obstacle thrown our way, and we are learning to appreciate each other in ways we never would have if we weren't forced apart for such a long period of time.

I sit here tonight, and try to picture the day when this will all be over.  When Josh will be home, and safe again.  Everyday we get closer to that, and for that I am thankful.  Until then, I will continue to push on, and pray for the safety of my solider and his men.

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