Friday, April 8, 2011

So much for security!

When my husband re-enlisted we knew we would make sacrifices, we knew we would be moved from post to post, and we knew that we would face deployments.  In exchange we were getting guaranteed paychecks and health benefits. Well today the government has disappointed us greatly by following through with it's threats of a military pay freeze.

LES's were released earlier today confirming what everyone feared.  No one is getting paid after April 8th.  This means that when payday comes around on the 15th every military member will be receiving roughly half of their regular pay and if they don't settle on a budget, by the time the 1st rolls around there will no paychecks at all.

This baffles me.  How can our government with hold pay from those who put their lives on the line for our country.  How do they sleep at night knowing the position they have put thousands of families in?

The one thing we thought we would never have to worry about is how we would pay our bills or how we will feed our daughter, but now I am questioning these very things.  Realistically we have the savings to make it for a couple months and I really don't see it going that long, but the fact that I even have to wonder or question it makes me sick.  What kind of country do I live in when men and women on welfare and unemployment receive constant paychecks and my husband who has been wounded in combat defending our country pay is being withheld? Someone please tell me where the logic in that is!

The principle of this is what bothers me more then anything, but as my husband says on his facebook today "Don't worry America, I will continue to fight for you even if my family and I have to live in a card board box!"  and I in turn will continue to support him.


  1. Yet the dumbasses keep voting in the Democrats. Obama, through the DOD, reclassified the military as nonessential people and thus not get paid. I am so fucking mad that words escape me.

  2. Ya, I guess protecting our country isn't considered necessary these days. Go figure!