Sunday, March 27, 2011

"Army Wives"

Tonight's episode of Army Wives hit a little too close to home.  Though the show may be fictional, it is based on the lives of military family's.  Family's like my own.  Tonight for the first time is 5 season's a main character was killed in action.

It's funny how these characters can become so real to us that when they die it can bring tears to our eyes... or maybe it just me, but watching tonight I couldn't help but feel like it was real.  The sad thing is it is real.  The characters may be fictional, but the story is true for too many family's. 

So many men and women have died for this country and all their loves ones have left of them are old memories and a folded flag.  They die for their country and to them there is no greater honor, but what about those they leave behind.  How do they feel about the army and the war after they lose someone they love because of it?

With our time here at Fort Benning quickly dwindling down I start to feel the fear and anxiety of our unknown future start to creep in.  We know that we will be reporting to Fort Lewis early next year and we know Josh will once again join a deploy able line unit.  We don't, however, know if or when he will deploy, but with 9 years left to serve in the army as an infantry solider deployment at one point seems inevitable.  All I can do is make the most of everyday we have to spend together as a family and hope and pray that God will direct the path of our future as he sees fit. 

Tonight my thoughts and prayers are with all the military families that have lost loved ones and those who currently have soldiers over sea's.  Thank you all for your service and for supporting your solider!

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  1. As are my thoughts and prayers each night. There are many tough, brave men and women in harms way, but, to me, the real heroes are the mothers and wives and sisters back home. Y'all are the real heroes.