Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Teen Mom"

So laugh as you may, Teen Mom is a show that I watch religiously.  I love watching the babies grow, and sometime the parents too.  Lately though it seems like MTV is really missing the mark with this show.  It was suppose to show case teenage Mom's and show how hard being a mom is, but when I watch it all I can think is... man do these girl really know how good they have it?

Don't get me wrong, some of the issues they have are heartbreaking and I can't image opening up my life to the public how they have.  Watching one of the twins this season struggle with health issues almost brings me to tears, but at the same time I see how lucky the parents of the twins are to have the support of all there family and friends. 

I guess that is what I am getting at in the end.  These girls, and a lot of the other moms in the world don't realize how lucky they are to be so close to family and to have extra support financially, emotionally, and babysitters when they need them! 

I can count on one hand the number of times Hannah has been left with a sitter and it has never been for more the a hour or two.  For the last 13 and 1/2 months the responsibility of raising her has been primarily on my shoulders as Josh has to work and be away from us most of the time.  If I need to go to the grocery store she comes with, if I want to go out to lunch with a friend she comes with, if Josh and I want to go out to dinner she comes with, anywhere and everywhere I go she goes. I'm not complaining by all means.  I love my daughter and I believe that a mother should be the one to raise her children.  I think if at all possible mothers should stay at home with their children, but I won't get into that at this time.

What I guess I am getting at today is that MTV isn't making motherhood look as hard as it actually is and it seems like more and more teenagers are wanting babies instead of not wanting babies.  The show has turned into mostly baby daddy drama.  Having a child effects so much more then your relationships with your child's dad.  It changes every aspect of your life.  It changes who you are and what you stand for.  At least it should.  If they want to show girls how much work really goes into raising a child they should show case a military couple that is living thousands of miles away from friends and family.  I don't know what any of the girls on the show would do if they didn't have their parents or other people in their lives to dump there kids off with half the time while they go and get their nails done and on dates with their babies daddy's!

There I am done. I have vented for the day.


  1. Not a vent at all, but some sound logic and good examples. Although I had my parents when my daughter was a baby, she still went everywhere with us. But I did have my parents if we needed them. In your situation, I know it’s hard. But you two do need a date nigth every now and then. If you want to drive up to Atlanta for an evening out, Judy and I would love to spend some time with Hannah. We love our little people. Our grandkids have spent almost every weekend with us since they were born. So don’t be shy, come on up.

  2. I don't begrudge them for having the support and help of their families, I just think that a lot of people take for granted the extra helping hands. I also think that Teen Mom has started to somehow glamorize Teen Pregnancies. The Fan pages on FB have 10,000 plus members on them and so many of the young girls are on there talking about there own pregnancies!! It is crazy!